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Apr. 14th, 2008

10:47 am

One of the things that's kept Hiro mostly out of Milliways since the whole Daemon thing is a little matter of vanishing ex-hackers.

It started when Da5id told him about something happening to the support group for Snow Crash survivors that he (Da5id) goes to, every week in a chat room about a mile out of Downtown. Sometimes, for no reason, people just stop showing up. It's a measure of how disorganized their lives are that it took a half-dozen disappearances for Da5id to start wondering if there might be a pattern. (Also of how far Da5id himself has fallen, but Hiro tries not to dwell on that any more than he can help.)

After piggybacking on a few meetings, Hiro started to notice the pattern. Without exception, the ones who've disappeared have been ex-hackers who, like Da5id, were exposed to Snow Crash through their optic nerves, as distinct from drug users who heard about the new high on the street and let the nam-shub into their veins.

On Hiro's advice, Da5id's been encouraging the group members who live near each other in Reality to make friends, to keep tabs on each other, to hire security if they can afford it. That's where another piece of the puzzle came into play: the disappearances haven't stopped yet, but some of the patients report seeing their friends meet with, or get a call from, "an important-looking man" shortly before the vanishment.

Who is this "important-looking man"? Are the disappearees running from him, or going with him? Who's he working for, what use do they have for burned-out hackers, and why do they need a monopoly on that particular form of biomass?

These are the questions on Hiro's mind as a late night turns into an early morning.

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Jun. 15th, 2007

10:56 am - 4.03: Fantasy and microchips, shootin' from the hip.

Hiro is back in the lab, trying to figure something out. There was no real reason for the cure not to work, but the fact is, it didn't. Not completely, anyway. But it should've been complete. Which leaves Hiro wondering: what the hell went wrong?

So he's looking at the vaccine code scrolling past on a vidwindow. It's not an exact copy of SnowScan after all, given the ingredients available to him, but it's close enough. There must be something missing, though, something he missed. If he keeps looking long enough, he'll find it; of that he's sure.

Mar. 16th, 2007

09:52 pm - Security breach

When you're the top name in computer security, you have a certain reputation to maintain. Having one of your major clients (who is also entangled with your own company in ways that would probably violate antitrust laws if anyone was still enforcing those laws) suffer a colossal security breach right under your nose is not conducive to maintaining that reputation, at least not if anyone finds out.

Hiro does not intend to let anyone find out.Collapse )

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